Watermelon Salsa

Oh my heavens. It has been way too long since I’ve posted. Stay tuned because I have some mouth-watering favorites that I will be sharing this week. This salsa is AWESOME. Not only does it look so fabulous but it tastes great too.
My lovely sister in law Marianne brought this to Sunday dinner a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. Who would’ve thought to put watermelon with seasonings and dip it with a chip! My family went nuts over it and I hope that you do too…. not to mention HEALTHY.  That is a key ingredient when I cook 🙂
This isn’t exact measurements… You need to mix and taste as you go. Everyone likes it how they like it.
1 small seedless watermelon
1 jalapeno pepper
3/4 of a green pepper
1/2 of an onion (optional)
garlic salt (to taste)
onion salt (to taste)
2 limes
1 pinch of cumin
1 pinch of pepper
cilantro (to taste and for color)
1-Take out the inside of your watermelon and use it as your bowl.
2-In a separate bowl mix up above ingredients.
3-Just taste as you go and see what you like.
You really can’t mess it up

Enjoy this recipe while it’s watermelon season!



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  1. I would have never thought that would work! BUT as I imagine it, the salty chips with a hint of sweetness in the watermelon might be addicting! Thanks for the idea!!

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