Swiss Boca Burger Sandwich

Love me some Boca burger my friends!  I always keep it in my freezer.  When I run out of meat or just get plain old sick of your every day turkey, then this is a great alternative!  This is my favorite 2 min lunch and/or dinner.  My husband loves to take this to work.  I always hear about how incredible it was…
Very basic and very simple but the taste is healthy and refreshing.
  • whole wheat bread
  • spinach
  • salsa
  • one frozen Boca burger (I get the Original meatless burgers)
  • Swiss cheese
  • mustard
  • avocado
1-  cook frozen Boca burger for 1 min 20 seconds (take out of the plastic)
2-  slip a piece of Swiss cheese on top of it right after it cooks and keep the microwave closed so that it can melt
3-  toast two (or 1) pieces of whole wheat bread
4-pile on the top ingredients
Yay!  Another lunch success 🙂



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